Green Coffee

In the past, we ran a series of successful events called Cupping Extravaganza, where groups of 15 selected roasters payed record prices for Colombian lots and micro lots. Today, we have put together a new and unique series of events for coffee professionals that we want to conduct together with Roast, for an attractive and permanent revenue sharing scheme between us. We say permanent because it attracts not only roasters but farmers, traders and retailers. Several programs could take place every year. We know “Roast is the only technical magazine for coffee”. Consecuently, the program covers a heavy technical component, uncovering innovations and developments conducted by Penagos, probably the number one innovator in specialty coffee  machinery manufacturing, located also in Bucaramanga as we are too. Visitors will arrive conveniently from Bogotá or Panamá airports, stay in our six room boutique hotel, enjoy old Santander cuisine, walk through a 300 hectare bird friendly coffee forest, observe best practices in organic coffee farming, witness coffee arrivals at the beneficio, observe latest technologies in pulping, drying, controlled fermentation etc ; and finally cup the top five Colombian coffees that has enjoyed the highest prices for five years in a row, including world´s third most expensive coffee HR 61 (Umpalá).